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Book 1-2-1 Demonstration

Choose a date and time that fits with your schedule and book a one-to-one demo of GuideConnect with Dolphin assistive technology expert, Mary Jo Barry.

You'll have the opportunity to ask questions about GuideConnect and receive immediate answers to your queries. Mary Jo will run through the different devices and ways to use GuideConnect. She will also demonstrate the GuideConnect icons and the menu to show you all the amazing things GuideConnect does to keep you independent, connected and entertained.

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GuideConnect Video

This video runs through the easy-to-use GuideConnect interface and explores how GuideConnect is used on Windows devices to access popular computing features. These include: email, video calling, simple computer games and browsing websites. 

Please note that this video is held on YouTube and is demonstrated by Sam at The Blind Life Vlog. Dolphin does not take responsibility for ads or other content you may encounter on YouTube.

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Speak to a Sales Advisor

If you would like to purchase GuideConnect  software, or a GuideConnect package, please contact our sales advisors.

They can answer any questions you have about GuideConnect and provide advice on the most appropriate device or package to suit your lifestyle and experience with computers. 

If you prefer, you can email the Dolphin Sales Team directly on

The GuideConnect Demonstration Booking Process

  1. To book your GuideConnect product demonstration, click the 'Book a GuideConnect Demo' button above.  
  2. You will be taken to a booking diary for that product. Simply click on the date and select a timeslot that's convenient.
  3. The Dolphin product demonstrator - Mary Jo Barry - will email you with a Zoom meeting link reminder.
  4. There's no charge and it's easy to connect. You need a phone, tablet or computer to watch the demo. 
  5. Simply click the Zoom meeting link in the email on the date and time you selected.
  6. Mary Jo will take you through the product demonstration to see GuideConnect in action.
  7. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your requirements.