The Educators' Guide to Assistive Technology for students with visual impairments explores how teachers and support staff can find the right tech to improve accessibility and help their students with visual impairments to reach their full potential in class. 

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You can use the Educators' Guide to explore the positive impact assistive technology has on the education of students who are blind or partially sighted.

Use this guide to discover:

  • Different types of assistive technology for education
  • Ways to complete school work independently
  • Apps to find and read accessible textbooks
  • Ways to read and learn online
  • How to make printed documents accessible
  • Accessing the class whiteboard in real time
  • Easy ways to create accessible learning material

This guide is particularly useful if you:

  • Teach in a school, college or university 
  • Are a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
  • Are a Special Education Director
  • Are a teaching assistant for a young person with a vision impairment 

Please share this page with school staff if you:

  • Work or volunteer in an education setting
  • Advise on tech for schools or colleges
  • Are a parent or carer for a young person with sight loss
  • Are a student who is blind or partially sighted