You have an unprecedented opportunity to fund services and accommodation acquisition for your students with disabilities

The US Government has released $190 billion in relief funds for K-12 schools, these funds are called ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds). There were three rounds of funding (Acts) passed; CARES (ESSER), CRRSA (ESSER II) and ARP (ESSER III). CARES funding mostly helped schools with PPE and devices for virtual learning. CRRSA and ARP funding are just now being awarded to schools—it's required that 90% of funds be directly awarded to LEAs (districts/schools). ALL LEAs are eligible but will receive different amounts—LEA allocations were calculated based on Title I formulas. Funding is finite and time sensitive, you must request the funding from your State Department of Education (SEA). If you don't request and use the funding by the prescribed deadlines, you will lose it.

Valuable Website Resources

Here are a few resources published by the US Department of Education (DOE), Office of Elementary & Secondary Education (OESE) and Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS).

Allowable Purchases

  • Educational Technology
  • Addressing Learning Loss
  • Professional Development

All Dolphin tools, premium features, software maintenance agreements, and professional development are considered allowable purchases under any category of stimulus funding.

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