Download the Free SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard


Empower your low vision students to view and magnify your presentation on their laptop



If your low vision students are using SuperNova on their laptops, their Connect & View feature can empower them to view and magnify the presentation from your whiteboard, smartboard or PC on their own laptops. But how can you give them access to 'see' your screen? 

Try the free SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard!

The Whiteboard Wizard is a free download for teachers designed to make screen sharing with your VI students super simple. Critically it also makes withdrawing that access effortless, so you can be confident that your low vision students don't see anything they shouldn't!

Educators like the whiteboard assistant because:

  • It's easy to install and set up
  • Just 1 click on the desktop icon gives (or removes) students access to your screen.
  • You can set a password

PC in a classroom, with the Whiteboard Wizard icons displayed on the screen.