SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard


Empower students with low vision to view and magnify class presentations on their laptop


Class whiteboard and students laptop sharing a display

The Connect & View feature in SuperNova enables students with visual impairments to view and magnify class  presentations - from your whiteboard, smartboard or PC - on their own laptops.

Provide access for selected students to view the display, with SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard.

About SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard

Whiteboard Wizard is a free download for teachers. It makes it really easy to share class learning information on-screen. with students who have visual impairments.

Students can adjust the magnification, colour schemes etc on their own laptops, and read the class presentation in a way that's comfortable for them.

Downloading the Whiteboard Wizard 

Simply submit the request form and we'll email you links to download the Whiteboard Wizard, along with installation and user guides.

The email also includes a link to the Network Installation Package, which your IT Team can use to make the Whiteboard Wizard available to multiple teachers at your setting.

Reasons educators choose Whiteboard Wizard

  • It's easy to install and set up
  • Just 1 click on the desktop icon allows / removes students' access to your screen.
  • You can set a password if required

Whiteboard-Wizard Desktop Icons displayed on a PC in a classroom.